Kos Marina – A perfect base for sailing in Greece

Kos, the island of Hippocrates is one of the major tourist destinations in the Dodecanese. It’s also one of the favorable destinations for sailors and yachtsmen, due to its close proximity to many major islands in the Aegean and the Turkish coast, but also due to the amazing marina featured on the island.

kos marinaKos Marina is located on the south eastern part of the town of Kos, one kilometer away from the old harbor of the town and the commercial hub. It opened in 2001 and since then it is considered the most modern marina in Greece with well appointed infrastructure and services offered within its premises.

Services offered in Kos Marina

The list below shows the services offered in Kos Marina. The list is not exhaustive but it’s evident of the quality of services in the marina.

  • Hauling and launching facility by 100 ton travel lift with an 8 meter beam
  • Maintenance, repairs and spare part availability
  • High pressure hose cleaning equipment
  • Yacht brokerage service
  • Mechanical, electrical and electronic facilities for boat repairs
  • Woodcraftsmen, plastic makers, sail makers and stainless steel construction
  • Repair and interior decoration workshops
  • Yacht delivery with professional crew
  • Naval architect available on premises for surveys and inspection
  • Claim consulting services
  • Watch keeping and security assistance for your yacht
  • Yacht agency – Formalities assistance – Check in/out
  • Transit log – Customs arrangements and services

Safety and Facilities in the marina of Kos

kos marina

Kos Marina is one of the few marinas in Greece that is patrolled 24h by guards, both inside and outside the premises. There are cameras covering the entire complex of the marina and the docks ensuring maximum safety, as there are numerous tourists and visitors who choose to stay in their motor or sailing boat during the night, rather than in a city hotel. Fire hoses and extinguishers are located on all piers, featuring both fresh water and seawater circuits. The facilities in the Marina are excellent and very clean.

WC showers, bathrooms for men and women, a well appointed info centre from where you can take all necessary information for the marina, the Dodecanese islands and the current weather conditions in the region and the administration building are located just 100 meters away from the piers. They are housed in lovely buildings following the neo classical architecture of the Dodecanesian islands.

kos marinaThe administrative building offers postal, telephone and fax facilities, internet stations and Wi-Fi connections, meeting and conference services and rooms, baggage storage and ATM stations. In the centre of the marina, there is a large shopping centre and super market; Kostas, the owner pampers his clients, delivering the goods to every single yacht on the piers – and believe us they are too many berthed there!

There is also a café- bistro, a souvlaki shop and restaurant, laundry services, car hire services, and the offices of some of the Yacht Charter Companies and Travel Agencies. The tourists and visitors of the marina have the chance to buy souvenirs and sailing clothes from the stores located within the premises, or perform any kind of repair buying boat equipment and spares from the pertinent stores.

Kos Marina in Numbers

  • Storage Area adequate for 150 yachts
  • 250 Berth spots • Maximum yacht length: 50m
  • Maximum amount of yachts up to 25m allowed: 222
  • Maximum width per yacht:15m
  • Maximum draught: 5m
  • 100 Tone Boat lift (ASCOM)
  • 35 Tonne Hydraulic trailer

Tips and Hints for Kos Marina

Although the Marina in Kos is safe and well protected from the often raging winds in this part of the Aegean, sailing in the Dodecanese is not for the lighthearted, because the setting of the islands and the climate are both quite challenging and hard to deal with. Amateurs should be highly discouraged to sail around Kos, Rhodes, Patmos, Leros and the smaller islands (Leipsoi, Marathi,Arkoi and Pserimos) especially in July when the strong meltemi makes everything really hazardous in the region.

Entering Kos Marina requires some caution though, as half a mile north from the marina there is a long sand height, known as Cape Ammoglossa.Keep off the shoals both when entering and exiting the marina.

Although you will probably hear some people screaming at you if you try to do it, remember that you are not supposed to anchor in the marina.You can simply berth where directed as there are obvious and easy to approach laid moorings tailed to the quay.

For those who set off from the Marina in Kos, there are two safe bays in Kamares and Kefalos at the western end of the island, offering sheltered anchorage or mooring to the small dock. For those who want to anchor to bays well protected by winds, there is Lambi, Psalidi and Mastichari.



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