Mayday Call while sailing in Greece

Making a Mayday Call while sailing in Greece is not something we wish you; Mayday calls are made when everything else has failed.

How to make a Mayday Call while sailing in GreeceHowever, you are supposed to know how to make a mayday call in Greece, even if you have a skipper on board, because something might happen to him and you need to be prepared. In any case, knowing something that can potentially save your life is not a bad idea…

How to make a Mayday Call while sailing in Greece

Mayday is a request for immediate assistance in an imminent life-threatening situation. If you hear a Mayday call, listen—do not transmit. Determine if you are in a position to assist. If not, maintain radio silence and monitor the call.

To make a Mayday call, tune to channel 16 and follow the instructions below. Remain calm, and speak clearly. Remember that calling MayDay means that people and boat are in danger, and the situation is out of control and you request for resque.

  • Press the PPT and saying, “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is (name of your boat repeated three times).
  • Repeat “Mayday, this is (your boat name)” one more time
  • Report your position as accurately as possible
  • Report the nature of the emergency
  • Report the kind of assistance required
  • Report the number of people aboard and the condition of any injured
  • Describe the boat (length, design, color, distinguishing marks) and her present condition and seaworthiness. The message should not exceed one minute
  • If there is no response, repeat the entire message. If there is still no response, try another channel

Making a Pan-Pan Call while sailing in Greece

PAN-PAN announces an emergency when a boat and/or people face a difficult situation but not in imminent danger. As with a Mayday call, listen to the pan-pan call, determine if you are in a position to assist, and keep radio silence if you are not.

To make a “pan-Pan” call, follow the same procedure but substitute “Pan-Pan” (pronounced pahn-pahn) for “Mayday.” Such a situation could be a fire on board, a man over board etc

Making a Security Call in Greece

SÉCURITÉ (see-cure-i-tay) is the signal that navigation information or weather warnings will be broadcast.

In case you wish to inform other ships or “Radio Olympia” about a general danger concerning navigation in your area (i.e. afloating object) , follow the same procedure but substitute “Securite” (pronounced secureitee) for “Mayday.”

How to Make a DSC Distress Call in Greece

  • Lift the protective cover over the distress button and press and hold the button until the radio’s display shows that the call has been sent.
  • Once the message has been sent, the transceiver will sound an audible distress alarm.
  • The transceiver will automatically monitor channel 70 for a DSC acknowledgement and will also receive calls on channel 16.
  • If no DSC acknowledgement is received, the transceiver will repeat the distress call at four-minute intervals until acknowledgement is received.
  • When the DSC acknowledgement signal is received, an alarm sounds, channel 16 is automatically selected, and the radio’s LCD screen shows the MMSI of the responding transceiver.
  • If the Distress button was pushed in error, many radios will cancel a distress call when the Clr and then Ent buttons are pushed.

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