Sailing Courses in Greece

yachts-dreamstime_4792136-DarrenbakerIf you have ever pictured yourself with the skipper’s cap, standing at the help while the sailing boat carves through the waters and the waves, then sailing courses in Greece are just perfect for you.

There are numerous sailing clubs in Greece that offer classes and courses, both private or in groups. Although in private you will have the chance to learn quite many things, working with a team is ideal way to start your sailing career, especially if you opt for offshore or racing sailing. In any case, you cannot charter a yacht in Greece without skipper or crew unless you have at least two RYA beginners’ certificates.

The types of sailing courses and Certificates in Greece

  • The RYA competent crew or RYA beginners’ certificate: these courses will introduce you to sailing and will teach you everything you need to know in order to become a competent member of the crew of a sailing yacht. These courses can be really fun and are perfect to figure out if sailing is for you or not – in the worst case, you will make new friends and you will become a little more sociable. The courses are both theoretical and practical, in a class and on a sailing boat.
  • Some clubs in Greece offer two months courses and you will need to undergo tests at the end of two months in order to obtain your diploma. Be careful though because the RYA competent crew diploma in some schools might last for a week and doesn’t allow you to charter a yacht. Make sure that you have at least a beginners’ certificate, which is the first accredited level of experience in Greece.
  • The Day Skipper certificate (also known as RYA day skipper diploma) is a diploma that allows you to skipper any sailing boat up to 50m in Greece and anywhere there are no tidal waters. These classes are quite challenging and demanding and can be quite intense, although the general feeling is that it’s the best diploma to have, as it gives you a thorough understanding of the sailing condition in Greece and its waters. The prerequisite for this certificate is the RYA competent crew or RYA beginners’ certificate.
  • The RYA Coastal Skipper certificate is the certificate that gives you all credentials to skipper boats both night and day. With this diploma you can work for charter yacht companies as skipper. It includes advanced courses for competent sailors and participants will need to complete skipper qualifying passage of more than 80 nautical miles – a distance almost from Piraeus to Tinos.
  • Racing Courses: For those who aspire to racing offshore sailing, courses focus more on trimming the sails, tactics in the race, navigation and meteorology. These courses can be really intense but they are extremely useful to anyone who wants to enhance his knowledge on sailing procedures and conditions, as they include extreme situations and allow you to recognize the qualities of the boat and the condition of waters faster and more efficiently.

What you will learn during your sailing classes for all diplomas:

• Recognize and use the sails and yacht equipment
• Trim the sails
• Navigate and use the charts
• Read the charts and the electronic equipment
• Leave a marina or harbor and berth back
• Anchoring and Mooring
• Collision Avoidance Regulations in the Sea
• Aerodynamics
• Marine Meteorology
• Communication
• Emergency and Safety Procedures
• Tying knots

Sailing courses in Greece will allow you to navigate safely in the Greek Waters, visit bustling harbors and unspoilt coves, handle the boat confidently, snorkel in the turquoise Greek waters and enjoy the amazing experience of sailing in Greece.

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