Sailing Experience in Hydra and Around the Saronic Gulf

When deciding where to go sailing in Greece, the options are numerous. On the perfect or just good sailing day – and there are many of those in Greece – the Aegean Sea can’t be more inviting. Heading down southwest from Athens, towards Hydra, is one of the most pleasurable experiences everyone who ever sailed this route has learned.

sailing in hydrasailing in Hydra by davesag

Leaving the busy harbor of Piraeus behind, spreading your sails for the expected magic, you slide on open waters of the Saronic Gulf for awhile enjoying the ever-seductive game of wind and sea moving around you and moving you forward. Letting that energy taking you with its whirling charm, you will eventually come to, and pass the Aegina Island from its east side, for additional protection from the winds and currents of the Saronic Gulf. If not tempted to make some stops, soon you will find yourself sailing close to Methana, a Pelopponesus ‘s hand extended to the gulf. Just few good wind strokes away, still going southwest, you will approach Poros, the beautiful island that equally shows off its charms to the crew of sailing boats.

And now, the final part of our sailing journey towards Hydra starts. Sailing away from the shores of Poros, still having the wind from the Pelopponesus’s cliffs blowing into your sails, you slowly and playfully approach Hydra, one of the most charming islands of Greece. Its harbor is pretty crowded during the peak of the season but it doesn’t prevent passionate sailing crews to come here and enjoy the island itself as well as the sailing opportunities around the island, despite the fact that mooring is sometimes impossible.

Hydra gulf is friendly and peaceful despite the huge popularity of this island. Ever since the 1960’s, when world artists and celebrities of all kind discovered the beauty of the steep stone alleys leading to elevated houses, Hydra has remained the touristic heaven-island, one of the most prestigious Greek artistic colonies. But still, the islands’ charm and good energy has never prevented the sailing lovers from all over the world to come here and enjoy Hydra itself, sailing on its south, peaceful side, sail-popping to the small island of St Nicholas (with the homonym church), exploring routes to Spetses, the island spread further west from Hydra.

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