Sailing in Delos Greece

Sailing in Delos feels as if you are combining history and sensation in the Greek Islands, the renowned Cyclades. Sailing in the Cyclades is a dream for many Greeks and tourists; The Cyclades is an archipelago in the heart of the Aegean Sea, south from the Greek mainland. It consists of many smaller and big islands, some of which are famous worldwide due to their beauty and their uniqueness, such as Mykonos and Santorini.

The name Cyclades itself means circular and was given to the complex of islands that lie around the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of God Apollo and Artemis. Sailing in the Cyclades and especially in Delos will prove you why this place is still considered sacred; the small island is both spectacular and beautiful, giving you endless choices to sail and enjoy some of the most picturesque and beautiful sites and bays in Greece and the world.


Sailing in Delos will give you the chance to approach one of the most scenic and sacred places in the world, where antiquity meets passion for art and history. The Temple of Dionysus, the mosaics of Apollo and the statues crafted to honor the Gods by the ancient Greeks are among the must see when sailing in Delos.

Tips for sailing to Delos

Delos is located a couple nautical miles next to Mykonos; although Mykonos doesn’t feature a fully functional and organized marina, there are several coves and bays where you can anchor and berth safely, especially when the strong northern winds do not blow. Sailing to Delos from Mykonos is highly recommended if you are in the region, but most of the savvy sailors start from Syros and sail towards Delos, and returning there in a day or two. Delos doesn’t have a safe marina but you can anchor at the southwestern bays when it’s not windy, or head for Mykonos. In any case sailing in Delos and to Delos is an experience not to miss.


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