Sailing in Greece in winter

Is sailing in Greece a summer activity and sport? Most people would say yes and that is partially true. Sailing in Greece in fall and winter could be a very daunting experience for those who are inexperienced and way too enthusiastic about sailing, especially in unknown waters. Greece might be a splendid place and the Greek islands fascinating even in winter, but the truth is that Greek waters can be quite challenging and hard to tame, if you are not familiar with their difficulties and their particularities.

Sailing in Greece in Winter

If you are an experienced sailor and you feel like spending time in Greece during fall or later in winter, sailing is still a great option. In fact, sailing in Greece in winter can be quite enjoyable if the sea is not that rough, because the islands will show you a different image, more intimate, more real. You will have the chance to meet the locals, avoid the hordes of tourists that occupy the best parts of the Greek islands in winter, taste different flavours, smell different scents. Winter in Greece is mild compared to other European countries, and that makes it an ideal place for vacation by the sea. It is cooler by default, a fact that helps you visit places in much more ease than in summer.

winter-sailining-greeceSailing in Greece in Winter – Samos Island, Photo by Yiannis Logiotatides

Visiting the Greek Islands in Winter

Visiting some of the Greek islands in winter is a truly unique experience, because everything is at its regular size and shape. Not too much glamour, lower prices, fewer people…you will have the chance to see the everyday life of the locals, visit sites without waiting in endless lines or without the unbearable heat of July, admire the natural landscape and setting without the tourists, just with its natural flora and fauna. It is worth mentioning as well that some of these islands boast not only splendid ports, but also wonderful mountains and remote villages; in Kos for instance, you will have the chance to visit Zia, one of the most beautiful mountainous villages in the Aegean, in Lesbos you can visit Agia Paraskevi and Karies and so long.

Sailing in Greece in summer can also be quite challenging, depending where you are; sailing the islands of the Dodecanese can be somewhat easier in winter, when the strong northern winds, the meltemia, are not that raging any more – still though keep in mind that the South East Aegean is not for the fainthearted. The Cyclades islands can be gorgeous in fall and winter, and some of them can be quite deserted – if you are more into the off the mainstream islands. Some of them, such as the so called small Cyclades, offer safe coves and bays where you can anchor and berth safely, avoiding harsh weather as well.

Sailing in Greece in winter can be full of surprises; that is part of the charm, as many sailors appreciate this entirely new perspective and picture of Greece. Whether on a crewed charter yacht or sailing by yourself, sailing in Greece in winter and fall is a memorable experience that can thrill you no matter how experienced you are.

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