Sailing in Greece – A voyage of the Senses

sailign in greeceSailing in Greece… a unique way to discover the splendors of Greece and its marvelous islands, while exploring hidden coves, remote islands, pristine beaches and turquoise sea. You can drop anchor to a secluded bay, sunbathe or lay on untouched – by tourism – beaches that can only be reached by sea.

Sailing in Greece gives you the chance to actually experience what you have been picturing; diving off your sailing yacht into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, unwinding on deck, enjoying a light meal and drinks, hearing the waves splashing against the yacht keel.

Sailing in Greece brings in mind the true meaning of vacation in Greece, a country tenderly caressed by sea and sun, with scattered islands and rocks all over its waters. Sailing is ideal for people who want to get to know the country, the islands and the real mentality and attitude of the Greeks.

Sailing in Greece – Sport or Pleasure?

sailign in greece and greek islandsSailing in Greece is an experience; whether you are into sailing as sport or you want to explore different places while indulging into the full pleasures of sailing, Greece is the ideal place to do so, featuring different venues and areas, both for amateurs and professionals or savvy sailors.

Sailing is not a particularly difficult sport to learn. It is challenging and demanding in the beginning but it can definitely change your life and the way you think. Sailing can cleanse body and mind, allowing you to get to know the two powerful elements of life: water and air. Greece boasts lots of both.

However, sailing is a sport or activity which is rather misunderstood; most people think that sailing is a sport for the rich, or an eccentric activity, or even worse, too luxurious as an activity. The truth cannot be more different.

People who sail know that the fancy clothes, the attitude and the overall eccentricity are elements of the shore. Fancy clothes will be ruined by salt and sun, the attitude and eccentricity will be tamed by the sea; sailors and yachtsmen cannot help it but respect the sea and feel awe when it comes to its power. To be in awe of the sea, especially the Greek sea is to be aware of its stunning beauty and to acknowledge its violent outbreaks. It inspires men and makes them feel intimated and scared – same as women probably. When sailing in Greece, the unpredictable weather, the winds and waters of the Aegean allow you to enjoy an adventure into the unknown and the beautiful – every single time you sail away.


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