Sailing Rules for Beginners

Here are twenty essential sailing rules you have to follow if you are sailing for the first time, or if you are getting ready to get some sailing courses and classes.

  1. Leaving the dock is non mandatory; returning is!
  2. If you are wondering where you need to go, try to turn the wheel towards the shore. Buildings will get bigger as you go.
  3. On the contrary, if you turn the wheel on the opposite direction, they will probably get smaller.
  4. Who ever told you that sailing is dangerous was wrong; what is dangerous is sinking.
  5. If you are on board wishing you were on the shore you are doing something wrong – usually people wish to be on board rather on the shore.
  6. The only time you can think that you have enough fuel is if you are on fire.
  7. If you are traveling with a skipper, learn from his mistakes. You will have as much time as you want to commit your own mistakes.
  8. Try to keep the number of departures from the dock equal to the number of arrivals
  9. The probability of a sailing yacht’s arrival is inversely proportional to the speed; the higher the speed the least the possibility to get to the dock safe, and vice versa.
  10. Making smooth return with a slip is easy if you follow the rules; the only problem is that no one really knows which these rules are.
  11. If you see a huge boat coming against you and not changing route, maybe you should decide to change yours.
  12. If you keep the pointy end of the vessel going straight, you are probably doing something right
  13. Looking around always helps you; you are most likely to miss things anyway
  14. Good judgment is the result of experience; experience usually comes as result of good judgment.
  15. If you are stepping up from a life raft you are good; the opposite is not something to brag about
  16. If you see the skipper sweating, it’s not because it’s warm
  17. According to reliable sources, if you see clouds gathering avoid taking pictures and try to berth somewhere safe – chances are there is something called storm coming.
  18. If your brain didn’t take you somewhere ten minutes ago, you shouldn’t take your sailing boat there
  19. If you see from the cabin’s windows water going around the vessel, there is something terribly wrong outside
  20. When sailing, you always have two bags with you. One is luck and the other is experience. If you bag with experience empties before the one with luck, you are probably back to the shore.
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