Skiathos Marina in Sporades Islands

Skiathos Marina is situated at the North end of Skiathos’ island main port, being the prime starting point for sailing holidays around the Northern Sporades – Aegean Sea since it is the only marina in the vicinity.

Skiathos public marina is placed right in front of the main street of Skiathos town with lots of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and other shops around. The marina offers 70 berths for yachts and catamarans.

The main street is a 5-minute walk from the quay and a 24-hour taxi stand is also within the marina. The ride from the marina to the airport of Skiathos is 5 minutes – it is actually in a walking distance.

Facilities in Skiathos Marina

skiathos marina

skiathos marina layout

The services include sanitary facilities in Skiathos Marina, water and electricity supply, as well as different bars and restaurants. You can find water on the quay, but it is more expensive compared to other marinas and bases in Greece.

Fuel is delivered on the quay by a mini tanker and you can contact the marina officers in the case you need fuel urgently.

There is a Parking lot just outside the Marina for those who are coming by car and want to park it safely during their trip.
There is also a Taxi stand right outside the Marina facilities, as well as the local bus terminal  a few metres away from the main gate.
You can also find ATM cash points and several Banks in close proximity to the Skiathos marina.

There are two supermarkets within walking distance of the marina, each open 7 days a week from 08:00 to 22:00.

Moreover there are many quality tavernas, restaurants, cafes and bars are located by the sea front, as well as in the center of the village. Above the old harbor, you will find an excellent selection of restaurants with magnificent view.

Useful tips for Skiathos Marina
  • The prevailing wind in Skiathos marina and yacht charter base is the meltemi. It blows from N-NE at Force at approximately 2-5 Beaufort scale during summer months and up to 6-7 during September and October.
  • There are no particular hazards in the marina of Skiathos. Yachtsmen should only keep an eye on ferries and hydrofoils and make sure they stay on the anchor outside the landing path of the airport. No vessel with height over 4 meters can anchor in the airplanes landing path.
  • Berths are on the quay and mooring lines are available in the Marina. Yachtsmen are requested not to use their anchor in the marina of Skiathos.


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