The Sailing Yacht Club of Greece

The Yacht Club of Greece in Mikrolimano: when you have a wonderful sea in your front yard, orchards of islands wherever you look, and marvelous winds to give you directions, you wish for sails to take you away towards the horizon. That’s the hidden desire of probably every and any person who sits and sips his or her café in the Yacht club of Greece, the cozy coffee house in Mikrolimano (Small port) with a wonderful view on one of the sea vistas of Athens.

yacht club of greece

When founding this club, in 1933, a group of enthusiasts from Athens wanted so eagerly to promote sailing in Greece. What was originally the Yacht Club of Athens, three years after its interception changed name into the Yacht Club of Greece. Except for the period of 1940-1973, when it was called The Royal Yacht Club, where kings George II, Paul and Constantine, yachtsmen themselves, were one after another the “Admirals of the Club”, the club kept its name.

The club, of course, has its regular members, diplomatic, naval associates and junior members, and gladly accepts the new ones. For many Greeks, sailing is still a new and exciting experience, and the Club’s doors are open for anyone who’s interested in learning to sail. It offers the offshore sailing school, the eight-day sailing courses both in Greek and English. Thus, if vacationing in Athens and interested in learning your own way across the sea by controlling winds and sea itself, this school is one of the best you can wish for. For already experienced sailors, the Club offers the Olympic classes in optimist, laser and lighting schools.

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