Tips for sailing in Greece

Sailing in Greece is a chance for fun and relaxation, but only if you are following certain rules and have in mind a few important tips that will make your sailing vacation in Greece easier and definitely more enjoyable.

Ten tips for successful sailing in Greece

Sailing vacation is, for most of us, a very important period of the year! We spent our winter dreaming, planning, organizing, waiting for summer and we do not wish to be disappointed at the end of the day!

Greece is a truly lovely place, ideal for sailing in summertime, but it is also a unique place in many things that you should keep in mind.

All sailors know that many things can go wrong during a sailing trip, but we can always try to avoid problems paying a little bit of attention in a few points, more or less important, like the following:

  1. It is important to understand and agree with the charter party before you sign it and pay any down payment. Do not hesitate to ask anything you need to know about the service you are going to buy. Try to make clear all the point of the agreement between you and the charter company. Avoiding misunderstanding you avoid disappointment!
  2. During embarkation, follow carefully the check in procedure. Be sure that you have understood everything about the boat and make as more questions as you can. Before you sign the delivery statement, check that the engine and all devices work properly, that the safety equipment is complete and that you have written down on your statement all possible previous damages that you my find.
  3. Study well your cruising area. Be sure that you are well informed about all the dangerous points (shallow waters, reefs, prevailing winds etc.). Do not rely only on your GPS! Try a little bit of traditional navigation confirming the GPS data!
  4. Before you start sailing in the Greek islands, check the engine oil and the navigation lights.
  5. Ask for the weather forecast at the local coast guard office or through channel 16.
  6. Sail cautiously, without pushing too much the rigging and the sails.
  7. Approach the ports of the Greek Islands carefully. Prepare the anchor, the fenders and the mooring ropes before enter the port. Organize your crew for the anchorage. Not all ports are perfectly organized, so you have to be!
  8. Secure your yacht when at anchor. If you spend the night in a bay do not hesitate to dive to have an eye to the anchor’s holding. When sailing in Greece you should be aware of the differences of the deep, as well as the possible currents, so as to know what kind of anchoring is required each time.
  9. Pay attention to small things (do not through papers in the toilet, turn off the water pump if you run out of water, love your boat as if she were yours !).
  10. Take care of your crew (heads down while tacking!)
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